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Diversity Recruiting

Corporations know that diversity is big business.  The total spending by minority groups in the United States is approximately $550 billion annually, and it is expected to grow by 50 percent or more over the next three years.  To sell effectively to these customers, companies need to hire them, promote them, and retain them.  It’s one thing for an organization to acknowledge that diversity adds to business value, but it’s another thing to make it a reality. 

HamiltonDemo specializes in helping clients recruit, hire, and retain a diverse pool of top talent.  We understand the demographic changes in the workforce, and continuously educate our staff and clients that diversity is not synonymous with minority.

Our Diversity Practice team possesses the background, experience and outlook to engage diverse candidates.  This best serves the objective of creating a dynamic, adaptable workforce demanded by today's global economy and multicultural labor force.

Retained Search

  • Face-to-face kickoff meetings with your hiring team, on Hamilton Demo’s dime

  • 200+ qualified candidates evaluated for the role, you ONLY see our top performers 

  • Detailed weekly status reports and status calls

  • Project fees tied to key milestones


  • A contingency search structure is most relevant when filling positions with annual salaries below $150K.  It requires minimum commitment from both parties.

  • Exclusivity not guaranteed on candidate pool

  • A modified version of our engagement process

  • Basic status reports

  • Project fees deferred until hire is identified and starts work

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