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Project Based Recruiting

Our Project-Based Recruiting Solutions offer a flexible, proven approach for augmenting and optimizing a company’s hiring initiative within a finite time frame. When growth exceeds your typical hiring process, we can provide expert support.

If you are experiencing a sudden surge in recruitment related to:

  • New funding or IPO

  • Product launch

  • Seasonal surge

  • A merger or an acquisition

  • Large-scale expansion initiatives

  • Expanding to a new market

  • Blocks of hours for special projects

  • Opening a New Location

  • Limiting contingency-based recruiting fees

  • Or have last-minute hiring needs

We can develop a customized, per-project recruiting service tailored to your requirements to maximize results.

Our project-based recruiting solutions are designed to be agile and scalable. We’ll engage with your company to address all or some of your talent acquisition needs. We provide on-site or virtual recruiters with deep domain expertise in your industry. In addition, we will work closely with your human resources, compensation, and hiring managers to develop job requirements, descriptions and postings. 


HamiltonDemo can serve as consultant and/or as your agency of record. We’ll help you figure out your requirements, determine your resource needs, make necessary placements and monitor the project to avoid delays and extra expenses.

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