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  • Yvan Demosthenes

Executive Recruiting – Why you need HamiltonDemo

Are you wondering about the difference between a recruiting firm and an executive recruiting firm? It’s subtle but meaningful. A general recruiting agency is excellent at filling large quantities of open positions. They can find lots of suitable candidates for different job levels. In contrast, an executive search company focuses on the specific role you are trying to fill by finding an individual qualified for the job. Executive search doesn’t rely only on a pool of active job seekers but is delving deep to find even passive candidates who will be the right fit for your company.

An excellent executive search firm can focus on senior-level positions (C-suite, VP, Director, Boards). However, they can also help you fill those positions that are typically harder to find candidates for or require a specialized skill set. In general, an executive search firm will help you fill those senior-level positions that are business-critical while at the same time taking into consideration long-term growth plans and daily operations.

HamilonDemo’s Executive Search division is committed to partnering with our clients to pinpoint, identify, and recruit outstanding leaders.

Our expertise in recruiting C-level executives, Vice Presidents, and Directors for a broad range of companies spans industries from venture capital-backed startups to Fortune 1000 companies.

We understand that the most successful companies achieve success through the leadership provided by a select few who drive growth and results. As expected, these individuals are often highly sought after and difficult to recruit. However, as generally passive candidates, they are already fully engaged in delivering results for their own companies and operating at a high level of performance and achievement.

The ability to successfully deliver this elite talent has primarily created the foundation of our firm’s continued success. We never underestimate the challenge and urgency these searches present and consistently achieve results through our tenacity, mutual trust with our clients, and passion for our work.

Our experience and recruiting relationships give us unsurpassed precision and speed in our searches. We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by recruiting the executive that is otherwise perceived as unattainable. We are committed to delivering above the bar for every search.

Retained Search

When you work with us on a retained search, we are entirely dedicated to your side of the hiring process. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality candidates are placed within your organization.

· Face-to-face kickoff meetings with your hiring team on HamiltonDemo’s dime

· 200+ qualified candidates evaluated for the role, you ONLY see our top performers

· Detailed weekly status reports and status calls

· Project fees tied to key milestones

Contingency Search

With contingent recruitment, we understand you are working with us on a non-exclusive basis, meaning that other agencies are all in competition to fill the role. We’ll work with you as if you are a retained search client and gain your trust through the high-quality recruits we can send your way.

· A contingency search structure is most relevant when filling positions with annual salaries below $150K. It requires minimum commitment from both parties.

· Exclusivity is not guaranteed in the candidate pool

· A modified version of our engagement process

· Basic status reports

· Project fees are deferred until a hire is identified and starts work


No matter which type of recruitment you hire us for, you can be assured that confidentiality is a priority. We understand that conversation about a new role or replacing someone in a current position is sensitive, and we’ll respect that throughout the process.

Whether you are an investor looking to strengthen or enhance your portfolio management team, or an executive interested in learning more about prospective and exciting opportunities in your industry, we have the insight and expertise to support you.

We invite you to contact us today.


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