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Nonprofit Spotlight: Our Daily Bread

In addition to helping organizations find the best people to help push their business objectives forward, we look for opportunities to support our local community. Members of our organization are involved in many passion projects, ranging from volunteering their time to a favorite cause or joining nonprofit boards to drive the organization’s ultimate goal further.

One area of interest for CEO Yvan Demosthenes is addressing hunger in the Greater Cincinnati area. He connected immediately to the vision and mission of Our Daily Bread and pursued opportunities to be involved. He became active in the organization in 2016 and has proudly served on the Board since May 2020. He currently serves on the Development committee.

Established in 1985, Our Daily Bread strives to bring sufficient access to food, essential social services, and a place to feel safe to each person in Greater Cincinnati. Throughout its operation, Our Daily Bread has built on its existing Soup Kitchen and Social Center to include Emergency Assistance, which provides funding and case management to those who need it, and an after school program called Kids Club.

“Every person in the Greater Cincinnati community has sufficient access to food, essential social services and a safe place of belonging.” Our Daily Bread’s Vision

In 2020, Our Daily Bread served over 164,000 meals to members of the Greater Cincinnati community and prepared 100% of these meals with rescued or donated food. These efforts were made possible by almost 12,000 volunteer hours from passionate community members.

“ I completely believe in the vision of Our Daily Bread and am so proud to be a part of this organization. More people in our area are facing food insecurity due to the coronavirus pandemic and it is vital to our community that organizations like Our Daily Bread help provide assistance and give people access to essential services.” Yvan Demosthenes, HamiltonDemo CEO

To donate or be involved with Our Daily Bread, visit their website,


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